• Welcome to Senior High Concert Choir!  I am looking forward to another fantastic year together with you all! 

    Here is where you will find all of the Senior High Choir resources! Here is the Senior High Chorus contract!  Please print this out, have it signed by your parents, and returned to school by Monday September 12th! This will be counted as a grade. 

    Your requirements for our chorus are the following: 
    *Black binder
    *Folder of your choice, hole punched (Optional for organization)
    *2 Pencils
    * Staff paper
    * Looseleaf paper
    YOU CAN FIND STAFF PAPER AT THE FOLLOWING WEBSITE: http://www.blanksheetmusic.net
    SOPRANO 1: S1 piano
    SOPRANO 2: S2 Piano
    ALTO 1:
    ALTO 2:
    TENOR 1: T1 Piano
    TENOR 2: T2 Piano
    BASS:  Bass Piano