• Line
    a line is a dot going for a walk....Paul Klee


    This is a mark that is made on a surface. Lines are the first element of art and are continuous marks that are made on any surface with a moving point.

    In my opinion, line  is the most important element of art, because it all starts with some sort of a line. In Studio Art it is always our first unit of study.  Every line has a length, a quality, and a thickness. Lines also have a direction, and each direction is capable of evoking a different response. 
    Horizontal lines suggest a feeling of rest or peace because objects parallel to the earth are at rest. Horizontal  lines
    feel the most peaceful.
    Vertical lines often communicate a sense of height because they are perpendicular to the earth, extending upwards toward the sky.
    Horizontal and vertical lines used in combination communicate stability and solidity.  
    Diagonal lines convey a feeling of movement.  Being that diagonal lines are neither horizontal or vertical, objects that are in a diagonal position are unstable. The objects are either already in motion or about to fall. Compositions that are full of diagonals tend to look more dynamic. In this painting by Theodore Gericault, the strong diagonals in the composition create both motion and energy.
    Curved lines can convey energy and are more dynamic. Curved lines also gives us a sense of flow and create the appearance of rrhythm and harmony.