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                          Welcome to Home and Career Skills 
    Home and Career Skills is a half semester New York State mandated course designed to prepare students to meet their present and future responsibilities as family, community and career leaders, and citizens. As citizens of tomorrow, they need to be able to synthesize information, utilize prior knowledge, work cooperatively, and apply critical thinking skills as they progress along their divergent paths. Students live in a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world therefore the goal of this course is to  educate them to think constructively, make sound decisions, solve problems, and manage resources.  The use of real-world relevant tasks, laboratory simulations, scenarios, and community involvement is an integral part of the course as is the use of library research, class discussions, and group activities.


    Units of Study Include:
    •     Process Skills
    •     Personal and Family Resource Management
    •     Interpersonal Relationships
    •     Nutrition and Wellness
    •    Career Connections