• What is the Academy of Finance?



    Since 1988, New Hyde Park Memorial High School has offered a highly successful program of excellence known as the Academy of Finance.  The Academy of Finance is a program that gives high school students an opportunity to learn about and prepare for careers in financial services.  It is one of several model programs established to promote educational excellence by the National Academy Foundation.  The Academy of Finance is a partnership that links the resources of education, business, and the community.


    The Academy of Finance bridges the gap between the classroom and the workplace.  It helps students develop career skills, evaluate their own potential for success, and establish personal goals.  It provides an enriched, elective four-year comprehensive academic program for high school freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors.


    A highlight of the Academy of Finance academic program is the college credit component.  Academy students can earn up to 24 college credits through Long Island University’s Accelerated College Entry (A.C.E.) Program.


    After fulfilling the academic requirements of the junior year, students are screened and interviewed for work-based learning experiences in entry-level administrative positions.  The experience typically lasts four to six weeks.  The student candidates are evaluated and selected by the employers and assume entry-level responsibilities.  Many students are later hired to work part or full-time by their sponsoring employers.


    Academy students get to know the people and organizations involved in the financial services industry within the community.  They attend field trips, hear guest speakers in their classes, and meet local business leaders.  They also receive extensive advice on career opportunities and alternatives.


    Eighth grade Regents-level students in the Sewanhaka Central High School District with a combined first and second marking period academic average of 75 are eligible to apply by completing an Academy of Finance Application and submitting it to their guidance counselor.  Please see The Selection Process for more detailed information.


    Upon the successful completion of all requirements for graduation, the student will receive the New York State High School Regents Diploma and the Certificate of Financial Studies of the National Academy of Finance.


    For further information, please contact Mrs. Christine Teetz, Academy of Finance Program Manager by telephone at (516) 488-9522 or by email at cteetz@sewanhakaschools.org



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