• 9th grade Academy Course Descriptions



    Grade 9:


    Computer Essentials (full year) – 1 high school credit

    This full year course provides an introduction to the personal computer.  Computer knowledge is a recognized communication skill and tool of literacy for all individuals.  Knowledge of the personal computer is essential to job readiness, increases occupational effectiveness and improves the chances for on-the-job promotion.  In this course, students will learn touch-typing keyboarding skills using intermediate and advanced features of Microsoft Word.  Students will produce business documents.  Students will also be exposed to other programs in the Microsoft Office Suite.  Internet-related topics have been integrated including:  Internet safety, cyber-bullying, cyber-stalking, identity theft, “netiquette” and digital citizenship.  Students will begin building a multi-year digital portfolio. 


    A Typical 9th Grade Schedule

                Period 1:      English 9R

    Period 2:      Global History and Geography 9

    Period 3:      Topics in Algebra

    Period 4:      World Language

    Period 5:      Lunch

    Period 6:      Earth Science

    Period 7:      Earth Science Lab / Physical Education

    Period 8:      Computer Essentials

    Period 9:      Studio Art, Music or Drawing

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