• National Academy Foundation (NAF)



    The National Academy Foundation coordinates and assists the many individual Academy of Finance programs.  Some financial support is also provided for the administration of the individual programs.  Some of the major services of the National Academy Foundation include:


    Ø  Provide quality assurance to insure that all NAF member programs meet quality criteria.

    Ø  Provide ongoing technical activities for new and existing programs.

    Ø  Provide management-training activities for program directors.

    Ø  Develop and revise program-specific curriculum in keeping with changing needs and developments within each industry.

    Ø  Provide a national forum for program directors, instructors, and advisory board members.

    Ø  Collect data related to member Academy programs, trends in education, and industry-related materials in order to analyze and disseminate that material and provide a network of shared information.

    Ø  Foster the expansion of Academy programs throughout the country.

    Ø  Develop new Academy programs for different industries.


    For further information, please visit www.naf.org.

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