• Joining the Advisory Board

    How can the Academy of Finance help your business?



    ê Qualified students to work!

    ·         Academy students have excellent computer, interpersonal, time management, and problem-solving skills


    ê A link to your community high school!


    ê Provides you with an excellent way to show social responsibility and give back to our school and community!


     The Academy of Finance at New Hyde Park Memorial is actively seeking local business leaders interested in joining the Advisory Board.


    Since 1988, New Hyde Park Memorial High School has offered a highly successful program of excellence known as the Academy of Finance.  The Academy of Finance is a program that gives high school students an opportunity to learn about and prepare for careers in financial services.  It is one of several model programs established to promote educational excellence by the National Academy Foundation.  The Academy of Finance is a partnership that links the resources of education, business, and the community.


    What does a member of the Advisory Board for the Academy of Finance do?  You can “pick and choose” it is completely up to you!


    ê Provide “internships”  Between the students’ junior and senior year of high school, they re required to work in an office environment.  If you have ever had a “temp” worker who completed administrative tasks working at your business, it is very similar.  However, if you have computer work that needs to get completed, the students are very computer savvy.   Since the students are working over the summer, you would have the opportunity to interview them at the end of April.  The interviews are held at the high school.   The hours and pay are very flexible depending on your needs.


    ê Provide financial support  $350 contribution per year.  This helps to defray the cost of the Senior Academy of Finance Dinner held every June.  You and your guest(s) are welcome to attend the dinner.  The money is also used to provide scholarships for the Academy of Finance seniors.


    ê Participation in the Advisory Board  There are two Advisory Board meetings each year.  They are held in October and April.  They are usually held on Friday mornings from 9 a.m.  to 10 a.m.


    ê Other  Become a guest speaker for our classes.  These classes include: Financial Planning, College Accounting, Securities and Operations, Business Concepts and Practices, College Marketing, Computer Applications, Advanced Computer Applications.  You could discuss your career, facets of your career or whatever you feel would be beneficial for the students to know about your business.


    If you are interested, please contact Christine Teetz, Program Manager of the Academy of Finance at (516) 488-9522 or cteetz@sewanhaka.k12.ny.us.


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