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     Q.        What is the Academy of Finance?

    A.        The Academy of Finance is a program that gives high school students the opportunity to learn about and to prepare for careers in financial services and other facets of business.


    Q.        What courses do I take in high school?

    A.        Students study a traditional comprehensive academic program, which includes English, Social Studies, World Language, Math, and Science, and an elective program consisting of Academy business-related subjects (see Academy Course Descriptions).


    Q.        What are the main advantages to joining the Academy?

    A.        Students have the opportunity to earn 24 college credits and complete a work-based learning experience in addition to developing career skills, life skills, and establishing personal goals.


    Q.        What is so special about earning college credits in high school?

    A.        There are significant financial savings in the cost of college tuition.  Savings range from $6,000 to $20,000 depending on the institution you choose to attend.  Also, as a result of taking college courses in high school, some students may accelerate their college programs and earn a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in five years.


    Q.        Are the college credits transferable to any college?

    A.        While students are always advised to contact a particular college regarding the applicability of transfer credit, our experiences with colleges in general – and with local colleges in particular – have been extremely good.


    Q.        Is a minimum grade necessary to earn the college credit?

                A.        All colleges require at least a grade of “C” in order to transfer the college credit.


    Q.        Which college sponsors the college credit program?

    A.        Long Island University.  The college credit program is carefully monitored and approved by New York State’s Department of Education.


    Q.        How are the credits transferred?

    A.        The student receives a transcript directly from Long Island University.  The transcript is sent to the college of the student’s choice.


    Q.        When does the work-based learning experience take place?

                            A.        During the summer following the completion of the junior year.


    Q.        Can the work-based learning experience lead to employment opportunities in the future?

    A.        Yes.  A number of our students have been offered employment in their senior year and/or following graduation from high school.


    Q.        Right now, I think that I am interested in a career in business or law.  But, what if I change my mind?

    A.        While it is true that most Academy graduates do pursue careers in business or a related field, some do not.  For example, some of our graduates have pursued careers in medicine, nursing, teaching, the sciences, and other areas of study.


    Q.        Can I participate in athletics and club activities as a member of the Academy?

    A.        Absolutely.  Academy students are strongly encouraged to participate in sports and clubs.  Academy students from each of our District schools have represented New Hyde Park in all student activities and sports.


    Q.        How do I get to New Hyde Park?

                A.        The Sewanhaka Central High School District provides bus transportation in the morning and in the afternoon.  The morning bus arrives 15-20 minutes before the start of first period.  Afternoon buses depart at 3:05 p.m., 4:00 p.m., and 6:00 p.m. to accommodate students in after school activities.


    Q.        Will I get individual attention as a member of the Academy?

    A.        We sometimes refer to the Academy program as a “school within a school.”  Academy teachers are especially dedicated to assisting students in reaching their true potential.


    Q.        Who is eligible to apply to the Academy of Finance?  What is the first step in the application process?

                A.        All eighth grade Regents-level students in the Sewanhaka Central High School District with a combined first and second marking period academic average of 75 are eligible to apply by completing an Academy of Finance Application and submitting it to their guidance counselor.


    Q.        If I have any questions, whom do I contact?

                A.        Please contact Mrs. Christine Teetz, the Program Manager of the Academy of Finance at (516) 488-9522 or by email at cteetz@sewanhaka.k12.ny.us.


    Q.        Can I visit New Hyde Park and see the program in operation?

    A.        Of course.  Student and parental visitations are encouraged.  Please call Mrs. Teetz to make arrangements.

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