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    The Sewanhaka Central High School District


    Professional Development Plan



    Dr. Ralph P. Ferrie


    Professional Development Committee:

    Dr. Kathleen Sottile, Chairperson (Administrator)

    John Capozzi (Administrator - Central)

    Regina Agrusa (Administrator - Central)

    Christopher D. Nelson (Administrator – Central)

    Nichole Allen (Administrator – SHS)

    Mark Isseks (Administrator – NHP)

    Michael Farina (Chairperson – HFC)

    Dan Mezzafonte (Chairperson - FPM)

    John Reagan (Teacher – SHS)

    Joseph Grossi (Teacher – NHP)

    Daisy Amaris (Teacher – SHS)

    Angelica Brunetti (Teacher – HFC)

    Angela Agnello (Teacher – ELM)

    Kathleen Crimmins (Teacher – SHS)

    Tood Herrle (Teacher – SHS)

    Janeen Espinal (Parent – FPM)


    The Sewanhaka Central High School District is the largest district in Nassau County, serving over 8,500 students from ten distinct communities.  The District consists of five secondary schools, each serving students in grades 7 – 12:  Elmont Memorial High School, Floral Park Memorial High School, H. Frank Carey High School, New Hyde Park Memorial High School and Sewanhaka High School. 

                With over 700 members on its professional staff, the Sewanhaka Central High School District is serious in its dedication to ensuring that its educators receive the opportunities for professional growth needed to provide its students with the quality education they deserve.  Professionals are afforded a variety of opportunities in which they may enhance their content area knowledge, pedagogical skills, and understanding of adolescent development and educational needs.  Professional development activities are designed to promote higher levels of student achievement, as well as higher levels of professional achievement on the part of the faculty.

                 Most importantly, professional development in the Sewanhaka District is rooted in the belief that to succeed in the 21st Century, teachers must be agents of change.  They must be dedicated to using change as an impetus to promoting student success and readiness for challenges in various post-secondary workplace or educational environments.  As agents of change, teachers will be provided with a diversity of opportunities to become exposed to new ideas and pedagogical strategies.  We believe in building upon our teachers’ successes by fostering their spirit of intellectual inquiry and rewarding their willingness to take risks and experiment with new ways of promoting greater student success.  We take great pride in the high standards our faculty sets for its own professional growth.

     To read the full plan, please click on the link below:
    Professional Development Plan 2018-2019