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    AIS Plan 2018

     The following criteria will be used in determining eligibility:

    First Level screening

    Performance below proficiency on one of the following:

    ·      Standardized exams in English, mathematics, science or social studies


               Second Level screening

    A minimum of two of the following must confirm first level findings (or a minimum of three of the following, in the event that first level screening data is unavailable):

    ·      Diagnostic assessments (Scholastic reading inventory)

    ·      Anecdotal Records (behavioral indicators)

    ·      Writing Samples (Portfolio)

    ·      Report Card Grades

    ·      Local Final Examinations

    ·      Classroom Performance (class work, tests, homework)

    ·      Other student records (discipline records, health-related issues, mobility issues, family issues)

    ·      Attendance records

    ·      Recommendations by classroom teacher, counselor, administrator, parent, school support staff

    Possible Range of Academic Intervention Services, As Available

    The intensity of service will be determined based on individual need:Academic labs

    ·     Push-in support  (teacher, teaching assistant)

    ·      Content support classes (Topics, Connections)

    ·      Degree of Individualization: Individualized instruction; mini group (2-4 students); small group (5-8 students); large group (10-15 students)

                  •    Scheduling: Before-school, After-school, During-school, Saturday, Summer

       Duration:  Will vary according to level of service


    Description of Services: All services will be provided by certified teachers in the academic area.