CLASS OF 2018

    1) Senior Banquet Friday- 3/23 6pm ($35) can be purchased during lunch periods by vending machines near Room 139

    2) Junior Senior Challenge- click here 3/28 7pm

    3) Senior Week 3/19-23rd See Class Board for daily events!

    Advisors:  Ms. Harris & Mrs. Healy

    Science Office: Room 311, (516) 539-9430



    7th grade: $10 (cash or check)

    8th grade: $10 (cash or check)

    9th grade: $10 (cash or check) 

    10th grade: $20 (cash or check) 

    11th grade: $50 (cash or check)

    12th grade: $30 (cash or check) 

    Cash or Check (made payable to H. Frank Carey High School)

    If you are not sure whether or not you paid last year's dues, please see Mrs. Healy.
    Please place your dues in an envelope with
    - your first and last name
    - and current science teacher
    - label DUES on outside envelope

    Meetings: Thursdays, 7:30AM, Room 330 

    Participating in any events??? All DUES must be paid.  

    Upcoming Events: (See School Calendar)