• Keep Track of Your Textbooks and 
    Library Books
    follow these steps (click here to print)
    STEP 1 - Log into the Sewanhaka OPAC system 
    OPAC in school               comp                             OPAC @ Home   home

    STEP 2 -
    Locate the login  button in the upper right hand side and click.

     STEP 3 - enter your school domain log-in
     log in
    Your user name is: lastnamefirstname@sewanhakaschools.org
    Your password is: School ID #

    STEP 4 - click on the My Info tab located on the upper left 
    my info  
    All library books and textbooks will be displayed. The barcode of the book will be next to the title and the cost of replacement is listed under price.   
    items out