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    Dr. Salinas' Weekly Update May 13, 2019 

    Hi Parents:

    Happy Monday and we hope it was a Happy Mother’s Day for all!

    I hope this note finds you and your family well. I would like to begin this week’s note by expressing our gratitude as a school community to our PTSA for a wonderful staff appreciation brunch and red-carpet treatment last month. Our PTSA serves as a source of pride and support for our entire school. Words cannot adequately describe the wonderful brunch and required a lot of time and effort on the part of our parents. As a school, we were uplifted by the PTSA’s show of support and thoughtfulness. Personally, I know I greatly enjoyed the French toast!

    Each day, students and families make decisions that impact their future. Many of the decisions our kids make involve planning for their academic program. As a school, we are working to support decisions that will most advantageously help our kids get into the college of their choice and successfully complete their degree program in 4-5 years.

    Attaining a Regents with Advanced Designation diploma, more commonly referred to as the Advanced Regents diploma, is a decision we aspire for every student at SHS. We believe that there is untapped potential in each student and that this diploma is one way to help them exceed this potential. Our students at SHS are eager to achieve their best. In preparing for this we encourage them to challenge themselves, and one of the better ways to do so is through acquiring an Advanced Regents diploma. Research and studies over the past two decades has demonstrated that students who earn this credential are more likely to graduate from college in 4-5 years at a rate of 2:1. While graduating from college without this diploma type is achievable, the odds increase with an Advanced Regents diploma.

    To earn a Regents with Advanced Designation diploma, students must complete the regular Regents diploma requirements, take and pass an additional two Regents exams in Math (Geometry and Algebra II) and one exam in Science (typically Chemistry or Physics). The link to the full requirements is here: http://www.nysed.gov/curriculum-instruction/diploma-types

    This type of information can be overwhelming at first glance. To help, we want to share this as an idea and mindset for students and families when they review their schedule and academic program. One of the final benefits of an Advanced Regents diploma is that it does not cost students any additional fees and is given preference by nearly all SUNY colleges and universities in admissions decisions.

    Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to ensuring all students reach to achieve beyond their potential.

    Chris Salinas, Ed.D.


    • End of Year Letter to Senior Parents Class of 2019  For parents of seniors, the end of year letter can be found on the Announcement pane on our school website. Please note one error as the senior brunch is June 24 and not May 24.  https://www.sewanhakaschools.org/site/handlers/filedownload.ashx?moduleinstanceid=26958&dataid=27527&FileName=LetterEOYSeniorParents.pdf
    • Regents Exam Test Prep on Castle Learning - Every student preparing for a Regents exam should be accessing Castle Learning each night. Castle Learning is used as a supplement for our after school help sessions offered by our teachers. To learn more about this, you may visit: https://castlelearning.wistia.com/medias/ejlb9e4glp
    • Success for World Language Department World Languages National Exam Results 2019 We were proud to see the amazing results achieved by our students on this year’s World Language National Exam. A total of 36 of our students achieved a 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place result. These results are due to the hard work and dedication of our remarkable world language department!
    • Senior Trip Monday June 3 - The students will be travelling to the ropes course at Wheatley Heights. More information to follow in the week ahead.
    • PTSA Meeting Thursday May 16 at 7:30 pm - Please join us for this month’s PTSA meeting in the teacher’s café (BOE room).  Please note the change from Wednesday to Thursday.
    • Reminder to View Progress Reports Friday May 17 – Parents are reminded to view their child’s progress report which will be posted to the Parent Portal on Friday, May 17.  
    • School Spring Safety Drills - A reminder to families that our school will complete a series of safety drills during these final weeks of the school year. These drills are required, and also essential for the safety and well-being of our students and staff. Drills include fire drills, lockdown drills, and shelter in place drills. Our building safety team meets to coordinate drills and communicate with both students and staff.
    • Flag of Honor 2019 our 3rd Annual Event – Purchase Your Flags - In observance of Memorial Day and Flag Day, Sewanhaka will sponsor a “Flag of Honor” to honor those currently serving in the armed forces and to remember those who have dedicated their lives to serving and protecting America’s freedom. The Flag of Honor flag will be a 3’x5’ American flag mounted on a 6’ pole that is placed on the fence surrounding the Sewanhaka High School Field. Your flag will have a label with your own personalized dedication. If you would like to purchase a flag, please fill out the bottom portion of this form and send it with a check for $25.00 per flag made payable to “Sewanhaka High School” to

    Christine Licastri Field of Honor Program Sewanhaka High School

    500 Tulip Avenue

    Floral Park, NY 11001

    •  Spring Concerts – Please join us on May 23 at 7:00 pm for Spring Honors Concert; May 29 for the Senior High Concert & Art Show at 7:30 pm; and the Junior High Spring Concert and Art Show on June 6 at 7:00 pm.
    • April 2019 Students of the Month Announced --- Congratulations to the following students selected as the students of the month by our academic departments: Kiana Kano (Art), Faaiza Naeem (Business), Antonio Chevres Jr. (CTE), Raeanne (Sadie) Sirjue (English), Shelssa Jean-Louis (English); Paola Fuentes (English), Magaly Beltran (FACS), Ashley Artiles (Math), Danielle Giuffre (Music), Brenda Bolouvi (PE/Health), Christopher Ferrara (Science), Shekinah Brown (Social Studies), Sadia Islam (World Languages).
    • Transferring AP Scores to Colleges $15.00 per college (one week to process) $25 per college for rush reporting (two working days) Find the appropriate four-digit college code(s). College codes can be found in your AP Student Pack or online www.collegeboard.com (college and scholarship search page). Requests can be made by phone, mail or fax (see below for contact information). You will need the following information before making your request(s):
    • AP Number. Your AP number can be found in your AP Student Pack.
    • Social Security number (if you provided this on your answer sheet)
    • Date of Birth
    • Exam year that corresponds with your AP number
    • The appropriate four-digit college code
    • A valid credit card number (American Express, Discover, MasterCard or Visa)

    By Phone: 1-888-225-5427 By Fax: 1-610-290-8979 By Mail: AP Services P.O. Box 6671 Princeton, NJ   08541-6671

    • Dodgeball Tournament! Please support our students and Booster club at our first ever Dodgeball Tournament! There is a $7 entry fee per player and teams will be made up of 6 players. This year’s tournament is scheduled for June 6. Please see the flyer on the parent letter page.
    • Congratulations to Keziah Joseph honored with the SHIELD Award --- The award, presented to a high school junior chosen by his or her school, commends students for their strength of character, commitment to self-growth and the spirit and initiative to bring about positive change in their community. The award was created by District Attorney, Madeline Singas. SHIELD stands for Service, Honesty, Integrity, Excellence, Leadership, and Duty.
    • Congratulations to Kye Touissant – Congratulations to Kye Touissant for being selected as one of Senator Todd Kaminsky’s Student Stars! We nominated Kye for this prestigious award for exhibiting exceptional leadership and service, in and out of the classroom. Kye will be recognized by Senator Kaminsky on May 19.
    • Senior Prom June 25th at Jericho Terrace --- Prom Bids will be on sale to all seniors who have cleared their Senior Debts starting May 20.  Tickets can be purchased by seeing either Mr. Nola or Mr. Labatto.  The cost is $90.00 for Sewanhaka students and $110 for outside guests.  Tickets will be sold until June 21st.


    Chris Salinas, Ed.D.

    Principal – Sewanhaka High School


    Upcoming Events

    • May 17 - Progress Reports Available 

    Best wishes to our students and families. 

    As always, this is a newsletter for parents so if there is anything you would like to see, please do not hesitate to email me at csalinas@sewanhakaschools.org

    Have a great week! 


    Chris Salinas, Ed.D.


    Sewanhaka High School