• HFC Faculty Visit the Apple Store in March
    Earlier this month, teachers from H. Frank Carey HS went on a field trip to the Apple Store in Roosevelt Field Mall for an exciting learning experience. Working with the same Apple products available in classrooms, Apple staff led various learning centers to produce immersive, creative project ideas for use in future lessons. The field trip showed teachers that creativity is at the core of the iPad experience and provided them with an overview of Apple apps, including Pages, Numbers, Keynote and GarageBand. Apple has four stores on Long Island located at the Roosevelt Field, Manhasset, Walt Whitman and Smith Haven malls, each of which provide learning opportunities for SCHSD teachers. District faculty can visit any of these locations to set up one-to-one learning sessions free of charge. These same locations will be providing professional development sessions this summer. Please check MyLearningPlan in late May for workshop descriptions and registration opportunities.

    Elmont Librarian Alexandra Martinez Earns Apple Learning Specialist Certification

    To help every teacher become comfortable with new technology, the Apple Education team provides a series of workshops designed specifically for educators. Apple Academy is a weeklong workshop series developed to help teachers integrate iPads, Macs and Apple TVs into their curriculum and lessons. The workshops provide model examples of how to create original and engaging books, presentations and other learning materials for classroom activities. Congratulations to Elmont Memorial HS librarian Alexandra Martinez on successfully completing this academy! She is one of three Sewanhaka Central High School District faculty to earn the Apple Learning Specialist credential.

    Apple Teacher Program Offers an Online Option to Learn iPad Resources

    The Apple Teacher program is a free professional learning tool designed to help teachers become familiar with Apple devices and programs as used in a classroom environment. This informative, independent online program culminates with a participant taking quizzes to earn ‘badges’ that demonstrate proficiency in eight unique areas of the iPad. In support of this learning tool, the District will award productivity professional development credit for the successful completion of the Apple Teacher program, according to the following guidelines: 

    Earning Apple Teacher designation for iPad is the culminating achievement of an online learning program that requires an investment of time. In recognition of that investment, the Apple Teacher designation will count as four productivity professional development credits. Please email the confirmation of successfully earning the Apple Teacher designation to your building principal for proper recognition and productivity PD credits.

    When teachers sign up for Apple Teacher, they start a self‑paced journey through the Apple Teacher Learning Center and Multi-Touch starter guides for iPad and Mac.

    The program is open to all educators and is a great way for schools and districts to offer free professional learning that their staff can work through together. Whether you’re new to Apple products or have been using them for years, whether you have a single device or one for every student — Apple Teacher has the tools you need to use iPad and Mac to connect with all learners.

    For more information, visit www.apple.com/education/apple-teacher

    Teachers Attend Apple’s Learning Academy
    Congratulations to Social Studies Chair Brian Messinger and Art Chair Ryan Lundergan, who recently earned Apple Learning Specialist certification through a weeklong Apple Learning Academy.

    The program addressed the ‘why’ and ‘how’ of effective technology integration. Each of the five course days offered inspirational and tactical information from real-world examples of successful learning initiatives. Completing this program results in a shared leadership action plan that’s aligned to the Future Ready Sewanhaka goals and leveraged Apple tools to help create a transformative learning environment for teachers and students.

    Technology Vanguard Teams Share Successes
    This past fall, each of our five high schools created Vanguard teams where members were tasked with being the example for high levels of technology integration. In addition to working toward transformational levels of technology use, Vanguard members provide support to others at their buildings in order to achieve increased levels of integration.

    On Feb. 6 and 7, all of the teams met to share where they are in terms of integration, what is being done in their classrooms, and what their colleagues and students have been doing. Facilitated by Chris Crowell from Apple Professional Learning, team members reviewed elements of deeper learning, including teamwork, communication and creation, personalized learning, critical thinking and real-world engagement. 

    The sessions went very well, as the participants were able to develop best practices both as a district group and within their individual schools. There were many thoughtful discussions throughout the sessions that clarified the steps needed to effectively share turnkey best practices at the respective schools. The teams are scheduled to reconnect later this spring to continue the conversations.

    Student Technology Teams Form at NHP, ELM and HFC

    One of the Future Ready Sewanhaka goals is to provide more opportunities for authentic student leadership, specifically in the tech support and training that we do with students and teachers. Three of our high schools have begun using students for tech support. 

    This student tech support has been developing in many forms, including Student Help Desk, Genius Squad, Gurus and Tech Sherpas. But they all mean the same thing — students teaching others about technology and learning in the process. The groups this year are focused on helping fellow students become more efficient and effective with their technology use. They are also helping to prioritize tasks and skills that we weren’t able to highlight last year, when so many iPad features were new to everyone.

    Next year, as these teams evolve and the iPads are distributed to more grade levels, the goal is to run sessions that will help fellow students understand why they use technology the way they do, and to help teachers become more efficient and effective with their iPad usage.

    Phase II of Student iPad Rollout Planned 

    With the seventh-graders becoming more self-directed after a full semester of iPad use, eighth-graders are gearing up to receive their devices at the end of the month. On Feb. 27, 1,350 students and their parents will participate in this distribution event. All of our building administrators and teachers will closely monitor the rollout to ensure a successful transition for students. 

    Eighth-grade teams have been anticipating this rollout, and some exciting first-week activities have been planned for students. Although there will be an initial implementation curve for teachers and students, the goal of the Future Ready Sewanhaka iPad program is for teachers to incorporate iPads into instruction regularly, especially where they support, enhance and transform the teaching and learning process. This may not occur every day in every class, but should occur regularly and in meaningful ways.

    Just a reminder that all district iPads are equipped with management software that allows the device to be tracked and immediately locked down by administration if lost or stolen. If an iPad is lost, it must be reported to the main office immediately and a police report filed for insurance purposes.

    We ask all faculty to visit www.sewanhakaschools.org/technology for copies of the handbook and frequently asked questions related to iPad usage and expectations.