Please click here to visit our "Instructional Technology Resource Center for information and assistance with instructional technology.


    Important Information on Remote Learning Etiquette from Dr. Grossane.


    Students and parents can receive tech support via the following e-mail address for your school:


    Elmont: elmtech@sewanhakaschools.org

    Floral Park:  fpmtech@sewanhakaschools.org

    H. Frank Carey:  hfctech@sewanhakaschools.org

    New Hyde Park:  nhptech@sewanhakaschools.org

    Sewanhaka:  shstech@sewanhakaschools.org


    We will answer these e-mail as quickly as possible.  


    Please update iPads to iOS 14.2.


    Here are some tech support FAQs that you may find helpful:



    How can we download an app? 

    -Apps on all District iPads are downloaded from a program called Self Service.  It appears as an app on the iPads.  Please note that during peak hours (afternoon and evening), app installs may be delayed due to high internet demand.


    I requested an app in Self Service and it will not download.  How can I get this app?

    -Apps can be quite large and take time to download, especially in the afternoon and evening hours.  If several people are using your home WiFi at once, the app may have trouble installing.  Please note that while waiting for an app to download, all of our remote learning systems, including Google Meet, Google Classroom, and Schoology can all be accessed via a website.


    The Google Meet/Google Classroom/Schoology app is not working properly.  What can I do?

    Avoid internet rush hour.   To whatever extent possible, before 8:30am, students should download everything they'll need for the day and submit any assignments that are due.  Throughout the remainder of the day, the number of error messages increase. This is due to the incredible amount of internet traffic right now.  All of these systems can all be accessed via a website, and sometimes that may resolve whatever problem you may be experiencing with the app.