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    FAQs will be regularly updated based on your questions. 


    Thank you to the many parents and students that submitted questions via our Google Form.  Please read this Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section to see the answers to your inquiries.  Those questions that were student specific were either responded to individually or referred to your child’s school for follow-up.


    Please note the first day of school for all students, alternating day schedule or complete remote instruction, is Thursday, September 10, 2020. 


    1. In the alternating day schedule, will the teacher on the remote day be the same as the teacher I have in school? Will the teacher be teaching live on remote days? 

    Students who are participating in the alternating day schedule (A/B) will have the same teacher each day.  On the remote learning day, teachers will either share their lesson live via Google Meet, share a recorded lesson, provide work related to the previous day or next day’s lessons, or provide other activities directly related to the topic being taught in class.  On remote days, students will follow their schedule of classes, attend them during the appropriate period and submit time stamped work for attendance purposes.  If students “skip” a class, parents will be notified as they would if their child were in school. 


    1. If my child is learning remotely every day, what will that instruction look like? Can one of my children learn remotely every day and the other participate in the alternating day schedule.


    Students who are learning remotely will be assigned teachers who will teach live via Google Meet or a similar platform.  The instruction will be live every day. 


    A family can have one child or more attend remotely and the remaining children attend the alternating day schedule.  Please make your selection by the August 10 deadline. 


    1. If my child begins with the alternating day schedule, can I shift to the all remote learning if they feel unsafe or if the COVID 19 numbers increase?


    Parents will be able to opt their child into the remote learning program after the start of school.  As of this writing, the district cannot guarantee that they will have the same teachers they began the school year with.


    1. How many students will be in each class? Why are they wearing masks in class?


    The largest classes will have no more that 15 students.  All students will be socially distanced six feet apart and as per the NYS Education Department recommendations, they will be required to wear masks, except for short mask breaks.  While masks are required when six feet of social distance cannot be met, the combination of six feet of social distance and wearing masks is strongly recommended.  Procedures for mask breaks will be provided to teachers and can be conducted as long as students maintain six feet of social distance.


    1. Will students stay in class and teachers move or will the students change classes each period?

    We are able to “cohort” grades 7 and 8 for the majority of the day, meaning we can create groups of students that will be together for much of the day.  These grade 7 and 8 cohorts will stay in one room for the majority of the day and teachers rotate in and out. Classes for math, English, social studies, science, world languages and lunch be in one room for each cohort of students (15 students maximum).  This will greatly reduce the number of students in the hallways by approximately 250 students per building.  Students in grades 9-12 will change for classes. Rooms will be dismissed by row, also lessening the number of students in the halls.  Students and staff will be required to wear face coverings in the hallways. 


    1. Will there be music classes, CTE classes, PE classes?


    All these classes will be given.  PE and Music classes will look the most different.  Social distancing requirements for chorus, band and orchestra require 12 feet of social distance, as do Physical Education classes.  The format and delivery of these classes is under review and will be modified prior to instruction beginning in September.  CTE classes require the most “hands-on” experiences of any courses we offer.  These courses too are under curriculum review and will be adapted accordingly. It may not be possible for students to participate in some CTE courses 100% remotely. 


    1. On the alternating day schedule, will students be grouped alphabetically or by grade?  When will we know which group (A or B) our child is in and when we will know their schedule?


    On the alternating day schedule, students in grades 7-12 will attend school alphabetically.  Members of the same household will be grouped on the same day. We have received some questions as to why we could not bring in entire grades at one time.  As our classrooms can only accommodate a maximum of 15 students. Students would not be “all together” as some thought they would be if brought students in by grade. 


    Alternate day group assignments and class schedules will be sent in late August by each school. 


    1.  Will Seniors be permitted to leave for lunch/free periods or can students in other grades go home for lunch and then return to school?


    Campus will be closed for all students until social distancing guidelines are relaxed.  Seniors who wish to have their schedule shortened to the minimum attendance requirements for late arrival or early dismissal should email their school counselors prior to the start of school. 


    1. Can my child attend the remote only schedule and participate in interscholastic sports and/or extracurricular activities?


    Yes, you may choose the remote only schedule and have your child participate in interscholastic sports and extracurricular activities.  


    1. What will be done for students to promote school spirit?


    Building level teams will be charged with developing appropriate modified school spirit activities until social distancing restrictions will be lifted.  These activities will be prepared for all grades and special attention will be paid to our graduating seniors and our entering grade 7 students.  For example, as no parade permits are being issued by villages or townships, we plan on moving homecoming activities to the spring at a time where alumni returning from college can attend. 


    1. What will the district do for the social and emotional needs of our students?


    The mental health and wellness committee listed in the re-opening plan is developing specific lessons, activities, training and curriculum to address these needs.  More information will follow in the upcoming weeks. Special emphasis on the well-being of our students will be the focus of teachers this year, especially during the first weeks of school. 


    1. What happens if a student or staff member is diagnosed with COVID 19?


    The NYS Department of Health (DOH) guidance, as of this writing, is if the district is notified by the DOH of a confirmed case of COVID19, the building will be closed for a minimum of 48 hours.  During that time, the DOH will determine the duration of the closing and who in the school community should self-quarantine.



    June 30 Sewanhaka Central Council of PTSA's Re-Entry Task Force FAQs