As part of our plan, parents/guardians have the option to request that their child/children stay at home for the first semester of the school year and receive 100% remote learning.  To formally request this for the first semester, please complete the digital form below (using the link for the language of your choice).  Please note the first semester is Sept 10 through January 29.  

    You must submit a form for EACH child in your household for whom you are requesting 100% remote learning.  By doing so, you must acknowledge that your child (or children) will not return to school during the first semester or until such time as social distancing requirements are relaxed and all students are permitted to return.  

    If you wish that your child participates in the alternating day learning program (in school one day, remote the next day), you do not need to fill out any form.

    As a reminder, you may opt to change your child(ren) from hybrid to remote learning at any time.  To do so, please complete this Google form:    

    English:  https://forms.gle/ASF67ZnmVZRhzBTb9

    Spanish:  https://forms.gle/aiQ9FDSnqPoAb6pBA

    Haitian Creole:  https://forms.gle/RMi3pxRPBMC7FK519

    Chinese:  https://forms.gle/2mCvAYp4KhQbfYnr7

    Urdu:  https://forms.gle/oLfej4h9jcAXmdAe6

    Please note that we cannot accommodate any requests to change from remote to hybrid learning.

     Thank you very much for your cooperation.