• February 5, 2021

    Covid-19 Reporting

    Dear Sewanhaka Central High School District Families, 

    For the first semester of the school year, we asked you to report COVID-19 cases to your school directly. We are now consolidating our reporting system to one at the district level. This new, consolidated reporting system will help ensure that all cases across our district are effectively managed and contact tracing is conducted as efficiently as possible. A threat mitigation and emergency operations planning firm, Perrotta Consulting, has been contracted by Sewanhaka Central High School District to help address challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and to assist in contract tracing.

    Beginning Monday, February 8th, all COVID-19 related updates, questions, and concerns should be reported to covid19@sewanhakaschools.org and/or 516-488-9891. This includes reporting any positive cases in your household, potential or known exposures to COVID-19, questions regarding mandatory quarantines after travel, and general concerns over COVID-19 at your school. Additionally, after reporting any positive cases, please remember to also contact your school’s attendance office to report any absences from school.

    After reporting to this email and phone number, you will be contacted on our behalf by Perrotta Consulting who will work to answer your questions and provide guidance for your individual situations. 

    Thank you in advance for your anticipated cooperation with this transition.


    James J. Grossane, Ed.D.

    Superintendent of Schools



    January 14, 2021


    Good Afternoon All,  

    When the reopening plan was being created this summer, the District was aware that the plan could be adjusted based on changes in guidance from the NYS Department of Health, the Nassau County Department of Health, the NYS Education Department and the Office of the Governor of New York.  

    As you are aware, the District has dutifully adhered to the strictest protocols regarding social distance, mask wearing, cleaning and disinfection protocols, contact tracing, and school closure to protect the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.  Our custodial crews have been doing an exemplary job cleaning the buildings throughout the school day and deep cleaning and disinfecting our buildings when required. 

    Since our return from the December recess period, the Nassau County Department of Health has advised us that closing a building for 48 hours after a report of a positive case of Covid19 is no longer necessary.  The purpose of closing is to clean, disinfect and conduct contact tracing.  Depending on when the District receives notification of a positive case, cleaning, disinfection and contact tracing can begin immediately. Once the building can be cleaned, disinfected and the contact tracing completed, the building can re-open.   

    As you would expect, the Nassau County Department of Health is now immersed in the vaccination process.  To that end, school district administrators are conducting the initial contact tracing under my direction and we are notifying those affected staff and students in our school buildings as to who should quarantine.  This is in partnership with the Nassau County Department of Health and is necessary for everyone’s health and safety.  

    There have been many questions today as to why Sewanhaka High School was able to re-open after closing for only one day.  The building was able to re-open because it was cleaned and disinfected and the contact tracing was completed in one day, on Wednesday, January 13.  The building is now safe to be occupied. The research has shown that school is one of the safest places to be and we remain focused on our mission to provide the best education for our students. 

    The cleaning, disinfection, and contact tracing is now completed for Floral Park Memorial and there is no reason for the building to stay closed tomorrow.  As such, Floral Park Memorial will re-open tomorrow, Friday, January 15.  

    Moving forward, based on the latest guidance from the Department of Health, if the District is notified of a positive case in a timely manner and we can clean, disinfect, and conduct contact tracing efficiently, there may be no reason at all to close the building, even for one day.  We will evaluate each occurrence accordingly as we move forward for the remainder of the school year.   


    Dr. Grossane 


    December 11, 2020


    Dear Parents/Guardians,


    As part of our reopening plan developed last summer, we asked you to commit to a full semester of either the hybrid or full remote programs for your child or children.  As promised at that time, we are now examining and re-evaluating our programming for the second semester.


    At this time, if you selected the full remote learning program for the first semester, we are asking if you would like to continue with that for the third marking period, or would prefer to switch to the hybrid learning program. If you wish to switch from full remote to the hybrid learning program for the third marking period, please complete this form for each of your children using this link no later than January 4, 2021:  https://forms.gle/1vf4TtNofrH3qsQKA


    For those that wish to continue in the full remote learning for the third marking period (January 25 through April 9, 2021), no action is required at this time and we will survey you again in March to see if you wish to join the hybrid program in the fourth marking period.


    For those that wish to continue with the hybrid learning program, no action is required at this time.


    For those who selected the hybrid learning program this fall, or have submitted the form to change to hybrid learning for the third marking period, we are exploring the possibility of returning our students to school every day.  Please understand that we still need to determine the feasibility of this option once we know the total number of students who have requested hybrid and daily instruction. We will need to evaluate the total number of students requesting hybrid or daily instruction, and the physical capacity of each school’s classrooms to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements.  


    If there is room in your child's building to return to school every day and you wish your child/children to be considered for that option, please complete the form at this link no later than January 4, 2021:  https://forms.gle/p5YyW1TXSNi6Q8k67




    James J. Grossane, Ed. D. 

    Superintendent of Schools