• To All 8R and 8A Students and parents of those students,             (PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE WEBPAGE.)
         All students should be prepared with all school supplies as of September 2018.  The math 8R's need a binder filled with looseleaf paper.  There should be 2 dividers in the binder:  one for math classnotes and one for math HW.  You should also have a folder to hold your tests when you get them back and any extra dittos that I might hand out.  Please come in with plenty of pens and pencils.  A ruler, graph paper, and protractor would be helpful and needed.  Lastly, please purchase a scientific calculator. 
         For math 8A's, you should be getting the same supplies as the math 8R's except for the calculator.  Please try to purchase a TI-83 or TI-84 graphing calculator (TI means Texas Instruments).  Please DO NOT purchase the TI-NSPIRE or the TI-89 graphing calculators.  Also, please DO NOT purchase a CASIO graphing calculator.  We need the TI only.  Just type in TI-83 or TI-84 into the search bar in GOOGLE and you should be able to find a good price for the calculator.  .  The course requires use of it during the year and without it, the topics can get extremely difficult.
         As of September 2018, students should be getting their ipads back again for use during the school year.  As soon as you get your ipads, all work will be obtained through it.  There will be no more handouts which means you will have to take more notes on looseleaf or use your ipad which will have a digital outline of your notes for that day that you can write on.  The only problem is using your ipad constantly in the classroom means that your ipad has to be charged every day.  You might want to consider of buying a portable charger for your ipad and have your charging cable with you every day.  Also, if you are going to be taking more notes on your ipad, you might want to consider buying a fine point stylus for your ipad which will enable smooth pen like writing.  Again, that you can search on google.  
         I already set up new folders for math 8R and math 8A on schoology.com.  All of my math 8R and math 8A classes may set up their accounts on schoology.com to access these folders.  You will get the codes from me in class.   There will be a calendar for each child in their schoology account.  To any parent looking to get a schoology account that will link with their child's account, please email me.  I will send you an access code and a link with directions.  To those same parents, if you do not get that account for yourself, you will not be able to monitor your child's work electronically.  The work and calendar that I left on this website will be obsolete.  Please do not refer to it.  Go to schoology.com.  Please do not hesitate to email me at rlong@sewanhakaschools.org if you have any questions.  


    for 2018 - 2019


    Please be advised that students will no longer be able to create their own account in the Schoology program.  

    GRADES 8-12

    Those students that have not yet joined/used Schoology should use the following format to log in:



    HFC.firstname.lastname                                 THESE ARE NOT CASE SENSITIVE





    GRADE 7

    lastnamefirstname                               (no spaces no commas)



    Any student that cannot find themselves in the Schoology system should reach out to one of the librarians for assistance.

    Keep in mind, the student will still need the access code for your course/group in order to join your class once they log in.

    Mr. Long