• Rules for a Successful Year

    Miss Fitzpatrick—Math

    Hard work will be rewarded!

    Class Rules and Guidelines: In order to help our class run smoothly

    1. Respect: Show it at all times, respect for other students, the teacher and yourself.

    2. Be prepared: Come to class ready to work!

    • Always bring a pencil or pen, calculator, your binder, homework and any other necessary materials

    1. Promptness: Be seated with your notebook open when the bell rings

    2. Participation: Everyone is expected to participate daily. Participation included asking questions and being an active member of the class.


    Grading Policy

    Term grades will be based on the following:

    Tests, Projects and Quizzes: 60%                                Homework: 20%

    Take Home Tests/Graded Homework: 10%              Classwork/Notebook: 10%



    1. Homework is assigned and checked daily

    2. Homework is assigned as a relevant extension of class work-NOT as “busy work” or as a punishment

    3. Homework must be prepared neatly with ALL work shown or it will not be accepted


      Digital Binder

    1. Divide into 2 sections, NOTES, HOMEWORK 

    2. It is your job to take notes and date them daily

    3. Please have a folder for test/quizzes


      NO cell phones, i-pods or any other electronic devices should be used or visible during class time.  If a student is caught with a cell phone out during an exam, the phone will be taken and the test will be marked as a ZERO.


      Please feel free to contact me at any point throughout the year:

      Email:  MFitzpatrick@sewanhakaschools.org

      Office Phone:  (516) 488-9632