• Welcome to the Department of World Languages!
    Sam Yi  
    Our Department Mission Statement: 
                                 "Speaking a second language can open the world for you"
    We offer three languages in the department of World Languages:  French, Italian and Spanish. Here are a few suggestions we would like to share with you for a successful year:
    • There is homework every night
    • There is extra help before, during  and after school
    • Daily review of notes
    • Do not wait until the night before to study, it should be done on a daily basis!
    What are the benefits of knowing a second language?
    • Students of world languages score statistically higher on standardize tests conducted in English.
    • In most cases, learning another language enhances a child's English ability.
    • Students of world languages have an access to a greater number of career possibilities.
    • Americans fluent in other languages enhance our economic competitiveness abroad, improve our global  communication, and maintain our political and security interests.
    • Knowing a second language ultimately provides a competitive advantage in the workforce by opening up additional job opportunities. 



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