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    Important Information For Parents & Students: 
    1. To check your child progress, please log onto the parent portal. Contact the main office for assistance in setting up a parent portal account.
    2. Students also have a portal account. Using the ESD App on the Ipad, students can log in with their school issued email address as the username and their school ID number as the password.
    3. Your child is expected to have a charged IPad to use in the classroom. Please speak to your child about using their IPad responsibly. 
    4. Homework will be given on OneNote, which can be accessed on the IPad.
    Homework will be in the folder titled "M.P. # - Homework". There will be a different folder for each marking period. Currently we are using the folder titled "M.P 1 - Homework". Each homework assignment is titled with a number and the due date. Students need to copy the file from the Content Library into their "M.P. 1 - Homework" folder in order to work with the file. 
    Please do not hestiate to contact me with any questions or concerns. 
    516-488-9232 (during school hours)
    LWilson@sewanhakaschools.org (anytime)
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