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    Promoting Academics through Life Skills (PALS)

    This program designed for students on the autistic spectrum. Elmont Memorial High School houses the junior high school PALS program.  There are currently two 8:1+2 classes at EMHS.  The program incorporates both academics and life skills.  Curriculum and instruction are based on individual needs and abilities, and a combination of large group, small group and individual instruction are utilized.  The program stresses language and social skills, and students will be given the opportunity to be mainstreamed when appropriate.  Pre-vocational skills are taught at the junior high school level.  Senior high school PALS classes are currently located at Floral Park Memorial High School.   The PALS program culminates in an IEP diploma at age 21.

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    Mrs. Joanna Levitt
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    Mr. Edward McCormack
    Ms. Dana Costanzo