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    Classes I am teaching:

    Home and Career Skills
    Child Development and Psychology
    Independent Life Skills
    Clubs I am advising:
    Smiling Cookie Chef's Club - The Cookie Club - Junior and Senior High: Once approved, you will be assigned a group and your group will meet on a rotating basis.  Meeting Dates will be posted as soon as Groups have been assigned.  You cannot change groups.  Listen for announcements and meeting dates are posted outside Room 159.  Please note that if you are participating in sports or the school's drama program you cannot join Chef's club because of meeting conflicts.  
    Look for more info at the Student Activities Fair!
    Contact me: 
    555 RIDGE ROAD
    ELMONT, NY 11003
    516-488-9200 (please leave a message)
    For all classes please look at the HW folder in Schoology under our course
         -to access Schoology go to: sewanhaka.schoology.com  (Remember your user name is lastnamefirstname@sewanhakaschools.org and your password is your school ID#.  For example: smithjohn@sewanhakaschools.org)
    Where can you find me during the Fall 2018 Semester?
    Period 1:    Duty: Technology Facilitator    
    Period 2:    Home and Career Skills, Room 159  
    Period 3:    Independent Life Skills, Room 245
    Period 4:    Lunch
    Period 5:    Home and Career Skills, Room 159
    Period 6:    Prep
    Period 7:    Child Development and Psychology, Room 245
    Period 8:    Home and Career Skills, Room 159 
    Period 9:    Productivity