• Welcome to Mr. Potar's 8R and 8A Science page... 
    8R science covers chemistry, physics, and earth science, as well as refreshing topics like safety, scientific inquiry, and measurement. Toward the end of the year, we review key topics and skills in preparation for the State and final exams.
    The New York State Intermediate Level Science (ILS) Exam is given at the end of 8th grade and covers all topics from 5th through 8th grade science. You can view the ILS test archives here: http://www.nysedregents.org/Grade8/Science/home.html
    The ILS has both a written and practical portion. The written portion of the exam is scheduled for June 3rd (per the school calendar). The practical portion, which requires the application of several on-hands skills, will be administered sometime between May 20th and 24th, to be determined by the district.
    8A science follows the Advanced Living Environment (LE) curriculum. Topics explored in the course include biochemistry, cellular life, ecology, human body systems, evolution, and genetics.
    8A science is a NYS Regents course which concludes with the LE Regents exam, which is administered during the testing period following the cessation of regular classes. Living Environment classes have a lab class that meets every other day. Students must complete and pass their labs in order to sit for the Regents exam. Students who are lab deficient by virtue of missing or failing lab grades will be barred from taking the Regents. Students who do not take the Regents will not receive credit for the course. You can view the Living Environment Regents test archives here: http://www.nysedregents.org/livingenvironment/