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    National Junior Honor Society

    Advisors: Mrs. Curcio & Mrs. Clark



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    Junior Honor Society FORM


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    As a member of National Junior Honor Society you should be involved in community service.  We will be planning activities during the year for you to participate in.  If you have the opportunity to apply for Senior Honor Society you will need at least 30 hours of service.  Only the hours you earn during grades 9 - 11 will count towards the 30 hours.  You should keep a log of all activities you participate in.  On the log include the event you participated in, the responsibilities you had and the contact person and their number.  Keep the log in a safe place so you have the information when you need it when you apply for Senior Honor Society. 

    MEMBERS should use this form to keep track of your service hours.  Be sure to get a signature from an AUTHORIZED advisor at the time the activity is completed.  Only advisor’s signatures are acceptable.  Parents may NOT sign for hours.  Please indicate "see attached" if authorized signature is on a separate document.

     Community Service Log Form