Science to the Rescue!
    Welcome everyone to your science webpage!  This site will help you throughout the year to succeed in your science course.  I have been teaching Science for over 25 years, mastering various subject matter and have been featured in Newsday for my work with advanced science students. The Sewanhaka school district has provided us with the innovative and exciting resource of Schoology. This resource allows me to provide students with a much more comprehensive educational experience, as well as access to materials and information with great ease. As a parent you can see what homework has been assigned, as well as some lessons, in order to assist your child move towards their true potential. Along the course of the year if you or your parents have any questions, I can be contacted at the phone number and e-mail below.  I hope you all have an exciting and productive school year!



    wherlihy@sewanhakaschools.org (best option)

    Science dept: 516 539-9430