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    Elmont Memorial HS Art Department
    The Visual Art programs of the Sewanhaka Central High School District encourage students to develop skills, create works of visual art, and study artwork within a historical and multicultural perspective. Our students acquire the abilities to identify, interpret and evaluate works of art, and investigate issues and questions concerning the nature and value of creativity in society. Students are encouraged to be problem-solvers, to embrace their individuality, and are introduced to a diverse range of images from many genres, cultures, and time periods, where a very worldly representation of artists and their work are discussed, for students to draw connections to and relate to. Beyond the building's mission statement and common core priorities, the Art department's goal is to provide an inspired, comprehensive education in the visual arts, while fulfilling the new NYS Standards, and preparing serious visual art students for Advanced Placement coursework, portfolio development, possible scholarship opportunities, and Art college admission. Our teachers are highly qualified and extremely motivated art educators who are fully dedicated to providing the best education possible.
    Elmont Memorial HS Art Department
    Elmont Memorial's Art Department offers 2 foundation courses (Art 8 and Studio in Art- fulfills NYS mandated credit in the Arts), 5 elective courses (Drawing & Painting, Photographic Arts, Illustration & Design, and Digital Design I and II), as well as 2 Advanced Placement courses (AP Drawing and AP 2-D Design). EMHS has 3 brand new Art classrooms plus a new traditional darkroom and new Art Mac Lab. Our Art students are thriving in our state of the art facilities and we are proud to be able to offer our students the opportunity to learn traditional photography in a wet lab, as well as access to a full Mac Lab dedicated to the Art Department. 
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    Thank you for visiting! If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at 516-488-9239. Please feel free to email me at cyee@sewanhakaschools.org as well, after consulting our FAQ page.
    Mr. Christopher Yee
    Chairperson of Art
    Elmont Memorial HS
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    Elmont Memorial Art News  

    Students Rebrand Elmont Memorial with a New Logo

    Professional Artist-Mentor Gerard Flannory guiding the Elmont Logo Redesign Committee.
    Professional Artist-Mentor, Gerard Flannory, guiding the Elmont Logo Redesign Committee.

    District Art College Night 

    Clarence Denis gets his portfolio reviewed at Art College Night.
     Clarence Denis gets a positive review of his portfolio at District Art College Night.