• Welcome to the Math Department!
    Our teachers are dedicated to providing the highest quality mathematics learning experiences for our students so that they are college and career ready.
    In addition to regular course work and individual teacher's extra help sessions, we offer a variety of academic programs and interventions for our students, including:
    • Jr and Sr High Mathletes
    • Math Honor Society
    • Imagine Learning (formerly Think Trough Math) - an online math support program. Please click here for information about the program, and click here for instructions on creating a "parent portal" to view/monitor your child's activity on ImagineLearning.
    • Math Lab
    • Math Research and Annual Mathematics Fair
    • 7th and 8th grade Assessment Review Schedule (Review for the 7th grade assessment is integrated into classwork)
    • Operation Success (on Thurdays)
    • Regents Review Classes
    • PSAT and SAT Prep Classes
    • College Credit for Courses through the St. John's College Advantage Program
      • Students can earn up to 6 St. John's credits for the Precalculus 11A course, and up to 6 credits for the Discrete Math course.
      • See the list of Colleges and Universities that accept SJU-CA credits, and a list of those that do not accept SJU-CA credits
      • For more information and to request a free transcript after completing a course click here.
      • For Instructions on how to register and to Register for the course(s), click here.


  • NYS Math Regents Prep

    View YouTube videos of past regents exams - questions and solutions explained! Click here.

    "Green" screen videos are for Algebra I, "Blue" screen videos are for Geometry, and "Red" screen videos are for Algebra II. Each exam is covered over 3 videos.


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