• The term etymology refers to the examination of words, in particular the study of how words have developed. Learning about the parts of words (their prefixes, roots and suffixes) and the languages and places from which they first appeared can help students to understand our English language more completely and deeply. This will help them to develop their vocabulary.

    The greater their vocabulary, the better students are able to understand their reading. This will help them to do better in their classes as textbooks and novels are read and also help them to understand the newspapers, magazines and books that they read for pleasure. Similarly, a greater vocabulary helps them to be better writers, as they are able to use the words needed to convey their exact thoughts and feelings. Nothing will help a student to succeed more in every class than becoming a better reader and writer.

    With this in mind, the District’s directors, coordinators, chairpersons and teachers have collaborated in identifying those prefixes, roots and suffixes which they will teach in their classes this school year. You will find that some of these word parts will be taught in more than one class and on more than one grade level; this tells you how very important it is to learn them.

    Not only will learning these prefixes, roots and suffixes help students to do better in their classes, but it will also help them to develop their ability to predict the meanings of words they have not studied by recognizing the word parts they know within them. In addition, important vocabulary words have been identified. These now appear here, as well. This will help students tremendously as they prepare to take their PSAT, SAT and ACT exams.

    The use of etymology to promote student learning has been used with great success for generations of students throughout the world. With great pleasure, we invite our parents and students to discuss and study the prefixes, roots and suffixes that will be studied in the specified classes. The benefits attained by such collaboration will be substantial and last for many, many years to come.