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    Family and Consumer Sciences is a part of the total continuum in occupational education. Students enrolled in these courses will be able to use the process skills of decision-making, problem solving and management, and learn to apply them to daily living skills and career choices.
    Child Psychology & Development: ½ year/½ credit Students may be eligible to earn 3-6 college credits through Adelphi College. This course is designed to give students an opportunity to investigate the many choices and challenges associated with the care of children and parenting. As part of this course, students will have the opportunity to observe young children in action and to participate in their care and education. They will explore career possibilities and identify personal characteristics necessary for these careers. This course will also incorporate community service opportunities for students to experience working with young children in real-world settings.
    Independent Life Skills: ½ year/½ credit This course was created for the young adult who will soon become self-sufficient. Its overall goal is to prepare these students for effective independent living and survival skills. The course will supply students with hands-on approaches to problem solving and personal resource management. The curriculum will be practical to meet the needs of young adults as they prepare for their new responsibilities either as college students or wage earners.
    Food & Nutrition: ½ year/½ credit The content of this course will focus on food preparation techniques, nutritional awareness, the importance of food appearance, meal management, food purchasing, and the use of specialized equipment. Careers related to food journalism, culinary arts, and food service management will be explored. Students will have an opportunity to practice their culinary and teamwork skills in cooperative settings.
    Culinary Arts I: 1 year/2 credits Students may be eligible to earn 3-6 college credits through Suffolk Community College. This double period course will be a combination of Food and Nutrition, International Foods and preparation for the field of Culinary Arts. This course is open to students by special permission