This website has been created to provide students and parents with the necessary supplemental information needed for success.  
    You will find teacher contact information as well as and useful websites.
    Teachers in the FPM Science deapartment can be reached at the number below.
    In addition, teachers can be emailed directly. Addresses are below.
    For information on teaching platform for science staff members refer to the Floral Park Memorial Home Page.  See ANNOUNCEMENTS and click the link for LINK FOR JOINING CLASSES.

    Science is the study of investigating the world around us, forming questions, hypothesizing, postulating, experimenting, and finding answers.

    I encourage you to work hard, learn, challenge yourself, and get involved.



    (516) 488-9330

    Mr. Kurt Brechtlein (kbrechtlein@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mr. Jed Cersosim (jcersosim@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Ms. Sarah Clahane (sclahane@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mr. Patrick DelPrete (pdelprete@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mrs. Tracey Kasimatis (tkasimatis@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mrs. Rosanne Mamo (rmamo@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mrs. Brianne Maser (bmaser@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mrs. Cristal Philip (cphilip@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mr. Kevin Pokojny (kpokojny@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mr. William Rockensies (wrockensies@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mrs. Colleen Speed (cspeed@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mr. Matthew Spoagis (mspoagis@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mrs. Sarah Werbitsky (swerbitsky@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Mrs. Maria Wilcox (mwilcox@sewanhakaschools.org) 

    Ms. Jacqueline Wiswall (jwiswall@sewanhakaschools.org)