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    Assistant Superintendent for Pupil Personnel Services
    Regina M. Agrusa - Phone 516-488-9851

    Secretary - Christine McLaughlin 516-488-9852
    Supervisor of Special Education - Mallory Poledro 516-488-9876
    CSE Chair - Aubrey Karakarlis 516-488-9863
    CSE Chair - Jana Diamond 516-488-9883
    District Psychiatrist - Dr. Caryl Oris 516-488-9853
    The Sewanhaka Central High School District is committed to providing opportunities for all students to achieve success, both academically and personally. We have established a comprehensive PPS curriculum that provides our counselors and staff with directives to help them enable all of our students to attain these successes. Our curriculum is also written to emphasize and support the New
    York State Education Department’s new and challenging graduation mandates and requirements.
    The mission and objective of all PPS staff is to utilize strategies, techniques, and programs in order to maximize student progress toward and achievement of academic goals, as well as to gain the employability skills necessary for success in the twenty-first century. Our programs and services are aimed to highlight the pathways to academic achievement along with the essential personal, social and emotional components that form the foundation of a productive future.
    Today, students must be prepared to engage in a life long learning process as they face the informational and technological explosion in our global economy. Subsequently, our staff incorporates opportunities for analysis and assessment of students’ career development and exploration. We provide students with an awareness of the employment world and illustrate the personal skills, aptitudes and abilities necessary for future career decision making. Furthermore, our commitment is to continue assisting students to master the skills and competencies essential for sustained career employment as well as a productive life.
    As a result of these new and changing mandates, the role of the school counselor has been transformed. The new vision for school counselors focuses primarily on academic counseling, and student achievement. Our counseling staff is available to extend their knowledge and expertise in the
    college application, course selection, academic intervention processes, and to provide short term counseling regarding peer and family issues. Our clinical staff provides counseling and support services for students and families experiencing learning difficulties, emotional challenges, family crisis, health concerns, and drug and alcohol related problems. Most importantly, school counselors and clinicians along with teachers and parents become vested in students’ academic and personal success. This collaborative effort continues to be one of the greatest challenges ours staff faces today.
    I encourage and invite you to explore the many outstanding educational opportunities and support services available to you and your children. Maximize your children’s potential by becoming actively involved in their education. Call the Guidance office and schedule a meeting with your child’s school counselor. Encourage your child to spend time in the Guidance office and remind your child about how important it is for him or her to get to know counselors and teachers. Parents should familiarize themselves with the school calendar and attend school events and performances. As a result of becoming actively involved in your school and community, your children will also understand the value of making the same investment in their own education.  Enjoy this wonderful journey and may each child realize his or her academic and personal potential!