Online Resources

  • 1. - This website has slide by slide lessons that cover all the basics you need to know about reading and understanding music.  Feel free to go through the lessons on this site if you are having trouble with something in class, or if you would like to review something we've learned a long time ago.


    2.  - This page has exercises and games to help practice musical concepts.  There are simple games like note and rhythm identifications, and then it leads to more complex exercises like ear training and chord identification.


    3.  - This website has a simple program that allows you to plug in different rhythms.  The program then gives you the counting underneath each rhythm, just like we've practiced in class.


    4. - This website has a program that allows you to play chords on a piano.  Choose the chord you want to hear by either using the letters on top of the keyboard, or by playing each note of the chord on the keyboard itself.  Where it says "type," you can alter the quality of the chord (major, minor, diminished, augmented, etc.).  Once you find a chord you like, drag it down to the blank space.  Choose a few more chords, press play, and then you will be able to hear your own chord progression.  Try to make chord progressions that you've heard in popular songs; or try to use a progression from a song you are working on in your music class.