• How to Get Working Papers

    District students must fill out Part 1 of the AT-17, Application for Employment Certificate, which can be found below.

    A Parent/Guardian must sign the form.

    Email the completed form to Lori Lorusso, RN at llorusso@sewanhakaschools.org

    Please include a current mailing address of where the working paper should be mailed. If the paperwork is complete, a card will be mailed to the applicant. If any documentation is missing, Ms. Lorusso will contact the applicant via email explaining what further steps are needed.

    Students who attend private school and reside in the district must complete the application, AT-17, attach a physical exam completed within the past 12 months or the completed AT-16 form, and proof of age (ie. birth certificate, learners permit, drivers license). Documents can be emailed to the above email address and the same completion procedures will be followed.