AP Physics Course Announcements

    Ap review sheets.  Review sheets!!
    Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year!!!
    Things to do this summer:
    1. Sign up for my remind app:  text to the number 81010 the phrase @ap120171
    2. Join the mastering physics online course by following the directions below:

                1.       Go to www.pearsonschool.com/access

                2.       Enter the letters  SSNAST

                3.       Click

                      a.       Covered titles

                                    i.      Science

                                        1.       Knight/Jones/Field, College Physics: A Strategic Approach 3e Mastering Physics

                                                       a.       The book that pops up on your screen should be Pink

                                                                            i.      Student registration

                                                                          ii.       Accept agreement

                                                                         iii.       Create a new account

                                                                         iv.       Enter the access code

                                                                                     i.    SSNAST-LEVEE-FINCH-BOTAN-LEWIS-WWRSE


                                                                                 c.       Choose school other and type in Carey HS

                                                                   6.       Log in now

                                                                   7.       Enter course ID

                                                                                  a.       MPSabbatino48161

    3. Look at the calendar and complete the introduction to the course this summer (due Sept 7th).  This is graded on completion not performance. 
    4.  There are also Skill Modules assigned for the first weekend of the year.  If you would like to preview what we will covering first, you can work through them. The first graded assignment is Mathematical Skills and is Due on the 11th.  You can preview it if you would like, but DO NOT need to start it until school starts.  
    ----------------------------------------------------2016 below-------------------------------------------------------------- 
    posted 3/30   Lab Rubric     Lab Handout
    posted 3/9  quiz 1    quiz 2  quiz 3   review
    posted 2/8/16   Work/Energy/Power Powerpoint 
    posted 1/22/16   midterm outline
     posted 1/11/16      rotational Motion powerpoint
    posted 12/7  Circular Motion powerpoint 
    Packet Solutions  here 
    Posted Tuesday 11/24
    You should have numerical work or a reason (theory) that defends each choice you make.  You must have a scrap piece of paper with each reason or calculation to hand in with the test!   USE THIS SHEET TO RECORD YOUR WORK... YOU MUST HAVE A REASON/CALCULATION IN EACH BOX!
    posted sunday 11/22 
    posted Sunday 11/8
    Posted Friday Oct 23rd
    posted Friday Oct 16th
    posted Wednesday Oct. 14th
    answers to the practice sheet from today here 
    4 Blank Quizzes and a Practice test
    Practice test   http://www.marianhs.org/userfiles/1109/Classes/31766/practicetest-1-1dmotion.pdf       for the test and answers
    Posted Thursday, Oct. 7th
    Posted Wednesday, Oct. 6th
    practice quiz 2 
    Posted Friday, Oct 2nd
    posted Tuesday Sept 8th
    posted Monday Sept 7th 
    Welcome to AP Physics 1.  
    The first thing you MUST do is create a Mastering Physics account.  Your text book will be available here in an e-version as well as all your homework assignments.  To crate a Mastering Physics account, follow the instructions given in this document.  
    This must be done by Monday, June 15th.