• pegasus          Welcome to Team Pegasus!






    Ms. Agnello- ELA Mr. Burkett - ELA Ms. Ysabel- Math Ms. ColtonMath Mr. Kohn- Social Studies Ms. Passanisi- Science

    We are honored to announce the naming of our academic team for the 2018-2019 school year.  The pegasus is a recognized creature from Greek mythology.   Like our mascot, we hope to encourage the idea that our students are finding their wings and are ready to take flight. We would like to welcome Team Pegasus to Elmont Memorial High School for their 7th grade year after a fun filled summer vacation.  We are excited to be working with such an energetic and eager group of students willing to work hard to achieve their goals and promote an environment of mutual respect and civility in the Elmont community.  With the high expectations placed on our students to obtain mastery on their state assessments and to excel in all aspects of their academic course work, we have established a network of support to help our students succeed.  Team Centers and individual “extra help” sessions have been created to help students build subject specific skills that will help build a foundation each child needs to perform at their best.  Combined with your support at home, we feel that every child can succeed.  Once again we would like to welcome you to our academic team and to express our overwhelming thanks for your support.  Please feel free to contact us with any concerns you may have.

    Sincerely, Team Pegasus Teachers