• The District has contracted with Franklin and Brenda Campbell-Jones to provide training to the Board of Education, Central Office administration, building principals and community members in the area of cultural proficiency. As you are aware, as our District continues to become significantly more diverse, it is essential that all members of our school community gain a deep understanding of cultural proficiency in order to ensure that our District’s diversity be clearly understood and celebrated as we move into the future. The first training session for the District/community-wide group was held on Feb. 3 and 4. A follow-up session will be conducted on March 16. Following the training of the District-wide cohort, the training will be extended to the school level, where school level teams will be the participants. The school level team training will occur sometime during the spring once the dates are determined. The building principals will provide further details regarding the building level teams.
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    Summary of School Activities:
    • At faculty meetings, each school identified their Cultural Proficiency Team for the rest of the school. these team members then worked to turn-key information to colleagues and begin to build a common understanding of the Cultural Proficiency continuum.
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