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    Culinary Arts
    This two-year program will prepare students for the increasing demand for trained food service workers. During  the students enrollment in the Culinary Arts programs, students will be trained on food safety and sanitation procedures as well as proper food handling practices. Students are trained in a new state of the art industrial kitchen and graduate the program with a deep understanding of culinary practices. Students who enjoy hands on experiences including catering events and competitive food labs.

    The course provides students with countless opportunities to gain exposure to the food service industry first hand. Class trips to ABC’s The Chew and various restaurants as well as guest speakers from the industry allow students to see the many different career paths available in this field.


    Past graduates have gone on to culinary programs and related fields in the following schools: Johnson and Wales, the Culinary Institute of America, SUNY Delhi, Suffolk Community College and Nassau Community College. Many students have used their training and gone out to the workforce directly.

    Grade Expectation Sheet

    Department: Career & Technical Education
    Course: Culinary Arts

    Classroom Rules:
    • All students must be in class on time.
    • All students must be prepared for class.
    • One person speaks at a time – Be Respectful.
    • All homework and classwork must be completed on time.
    • All students must complete class requirements to pass.

    Students must bring the following to class each day:
    • iPad/Binder

    Grade policy:
    Tests/Quizzes 40%
    Projects 20%
    • Extra help hours will be posted in the department office and parent contact will be made as needed.
    • The department telephone number is: 488-9637
    • The best time to call is: 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM