• Department: Health Office

    Welcome to the HFC Health Office

    Nurses: Mrs. Martha Formato & Mrs. JoAnn Giordano-Milea

    Secretaries: Mrs. Joan Busch (am) Mrs. Diane Colore (pm)

    Phone: (516) 539-9454/539-9449 Fax (516) 539-0507


     Medical Excuse – Due to Injury or Illness

    Any student who sustains an injury or has a medical illness preventing or limiting their participation in Physical Education/Sports must submit a healthcare provider note to the nurse stating the diagnosis and the student’s restrictions from participation.  A follow up note is required when the student can return to full participation such as gym and sports.  All health care provider notes should be brought to the school nurse. 

    A student who has sustained an injury requiring the use of crutches or needs the elevator, extra time or a book helper must present a medical note from a New York licensed healthcare provider stating the diagnosis and the need for any  accommodations at school.