• Dear Sewhanaka CHSD Families,

     I am pleased to provide you with the Remote Learning Plan that we will implement for our students beginning Friday, March 20th and aligned to your child’s daily school schedule.  This day will be considered Day Three.  Please understand that we had to overcome a series of challenges to be sure the plan could be put into effect. 

    The first was to arrange a plan for all teachers and students that had left their iPads in school due to our sudden closure last Friday.  Thankfully, they have all been safely retrieved.  Public schools needed to wait for guidance from the New York State Department of Education, which we received yesterday afternoon.  Mutual agreements needed to be made with our teacher’s union.  I am pleased to report they were incredibly supportive of our plan and our teachers are eager to begin instruction.  We are now ready to provide you with the details of the plan which will be in effect until a determination has been made for the reopening of our schools.  

    Tomorrow, March 19th, will be a professional learning day for all of our faculty. This will allow for time to plan lessons, upload documents, and work out any potential issues that may arise . . . all done remotely. Our technology staff will be on call to troubleshoot and provide additional support. Please share the following directions with your child.

    Listed below are the actions your child will have to take to be able to participate in Remote Learning.

    • There are two ways your child’s teachers will provide Remote Learning
      • Option A - Google Hangout aligned with your child’s daily school schedule.
      • Option B – Assignments aligned with your child’s school schedule shared via Google Classroom, Schoologyor OneNote programs. In addition, these teachers have scheduled specific online office hours for support with the content.
    • On Thursday, March 19th at 5:00 p.m., and the start of each school day thereafter, visit the school’s website and click on Remote Learning Schedule. There you will find a Google Sheet which contains a schedule for every teacher which will indicate how they are providing Remote Learning.  They are organized by department, teacher, and class period.  Your child will need his/her sewanhakaschools.org Google account to see the schedule.
    • At the time each class begins, you will either join the Google Hangout by clicking on the link provided on the Google Sheet OR access the assignment your teacher has provided using Google Classroom, Schoology or OneNote and work on it at a convenient time. You must use your sewanhakaschools.org Google account for the Hangout.
    • The Google Hangout, Google Classroom, Schoology, and OneNote apps are all available for download from the District’s app store, known as “Self Service”.
    • Please note that all school rules apply while participating in Remote Learning.
    • Students that participate in Google Hangout must keep their microphones on mute until called on by their instructor.
    • If your child is in need of technical assistance, including password resets, please e-mail the tech support for your child’s specific school: -
    • For general questions or concerns about the Remote Learning Plan, please email RemoteLearning@sewanhakaschools.org

    Thank you for your patience and understanding during these extraordinary and difficult times. 


    Dr. James J. Grossane

    Superintendent of Schools