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Governor Names Carey Educator to the Master Teacher Program

H. Frank Carey High School chemistry and science research teacher Charlie Bewick was one of a new cohort of 27 Long Island math and science teachers recently named to the Master Teacher Program.    

Bewick, a nine-year veteran at Carey, is an exemplar of professionalism, passion and hard work. He is exactly the kind of teacher the Master Teacher Program seeks to attract.
The Master Teacher Program was set up by Gov. Andrew Cuomo to improve STEM – science, technology, engineering and mathematics – education in the state of New York by giving outstanding educators the opportunity for meaningful professional development and to share their expertise. In addition, Master Teachers provide support and guidance to novice teachers in their discipline, thereby helping to continue a commitment to excellence in science education. Each region of the state uses a local SUNY school as a home base for the Master Teacher cohort; the Long Island region is based out of Stony Brook University.

Candidates complete a rigorous preliminary application followed by an intense interview and screening, which requires a writing sample, letters of recommendation and a sample lesson of material not normally covered in the applicant’s class. Master Teachers are educational leaders in their schools, districts, and professional organizations. With the addition of multiple cohorts, the program brings together over 625 educators from across New York State.

A reflective, ambitious and committed educator, Mr. Bewick is humbled by this honor and is eager to work and collaborate with other teachers from across Long Island. When asked what he hopes to get out of the program, he replied that “I want to be able to bounce ideas off of new people and to be able to share materials and resources with other outstanding teachers that I wouldn’t otherwise know.”  

Mr. Bewick’s continuous desire to push his intellectual boundaries, as well as the limits of his students, help to make him an excellent choice for the Master Teacher Program. H. Frank Carey is proud and honored to have another of its teachers join the ranks of these exceptional educators. Congratulations Mr. Bewick!