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Veterans Honored at H. Frank Carey

Seniors in Michael Cartolano's Photographic Arts class honored H. Frank Carey alumni and staff who have served in the armed forces on Feb. 17.
The veterans visit took place in the school’s library and began with a brunch, a "meet and greet" and a special viewing of the school’s Wall of Honor. The library was decorated with artwork created by the talented students of Mrs. Jessica Burgalassi, Mrs. Roi Daconto and Mrs. Gina Samet.
Students Emily Agate and Roger Pokorny hosted the festivities, and senior Andrea Falco honored guests with a stirring vocal rendition of "God Bless America." The visitors participated in a brief panel discussion followed by extended breakout sessions, where they met students of select social studies classes and fielded questions. BM2 Andrew Vardakis of the United States Coast Guard, the newest inductee to the school’s Wall of Honor, was invited to have his portrait taken for the photography students to create a framed Photoshop tribute to be presented at a later date.

Veterans who have been honored in the past include: Jennifer Arbequez, Gilbert Blum, Edmond Canova, Christopher Cronin, Leonard DiCosola, Robert Gallagher, Rudolph Genovesi, Nicholas Loud, Marc Martone, Felix Nunez, Carlos Perez, Nicole Saranita, Nicole Terito and Anthony Torlincasi.