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Carey Eighth-Graders and Seniors Hunt Through the Museum of Natural History

H. Frank Carey eighth-graders and 60 seniors went on a field trip to the Museum of Natural History on Jan. 8.

This was no ordinary field trip! The eighth-grade students were broken up into small groups, led by the seniors, and participated in a scavenger hunt through the museum. Students had to answer fun, trick questions about the intriguing places and objects they discovered. The seniors served as mentors and tour guides for the younger students, and all of them had a blast!

The activity centered on teambuilding, working well with others, older students working with younger students, problem-solving and focusing on one another’s strengths. Each correct answer earned students one point and the group to get the most points in the fastest time won the hunt. Two groups of students were crowned winners and awarded medals when they returned to school on that day. Group one eighth-grade winners were Nicholas Broas, Kaylee Darrell, Matteo Fabrizi, Rebecca Sunny, Marisela Torre and Jake Vitale, led by seniors, Riley DeMeo and Nicholas Giacalone. Group two eighth-grade winners were Berna Aliu, Tyler Ciprut, Luke Hartz, Grace Leder, Emma Polsinelli and Ryan Tierney, led by senior Nicole DelGrosso.

In addition, students completed an academic assignment when they were not hunting through the museum. The assignment, “Document-Based Selfies,” tasked students to take selfies with an exhibit in the museum that displayed aspects of concepts they learned in social studies class. Students received extra points for taking their selfies while holding up signs that read “P.S. I Love You,” as they get ready to host P.S. I Love You Day on Feb. 8. This day will focus on antibullying, kindness and respect. The pictures they took will be hung around the school as it prepares for this special day.