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Genre Study at New Hyde Park

During the week of Feb. 13, New Hyde Park Memorial students in Bryan DiScala's 10 Advanced English classes began a unit of study exploring various literary genres used by authors throughout history.
As a precursor to their research project, which required them to select an author, read his or her works and explore how their lives, times, and literary genres have inspired their writing; the students embarked on a three-day genre study.

Students explored the library to find a literary genre that fascinated them. They were then grouped accordingly, researched and read works characterized by the genre they selected and created original works that reflected the style and characteristics of the genre. Some of the original works students created included: children's books about the first day of school (children's literature), gothic rap songs (gothic literature), original stories (science fiction and mystery), puppet shows (fantasy writing) and “Saturday Night Live”- style skits (realistic fiction). Students performed their original works for their peers.

Mr. DiScala expressed his gratitude to school librarian Anne Brusca for her creative vision for the project.