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New Hyde Park Students Bring Trench Warfare to Life

New Hyde Park Memorial eighth-graders in Danielle Psaros’ class recently participated in a trench warfare simulation at Tully Park.
During the reenactment, which was designed to give students an idea of what life was like in the trenches during World War I, students acted as soldiers on opposing sides of the war to simulate the life and combat conditions in the trenches along the Western Front. The students were instructed to enter “No Man’s Land” and get as close to the opposing side’s “trench” as possible. Their mission was to capture an item and return it safely to their own “trench,” while simultaneously dodging flying “snowballs.” The “snowballs” represented the heavy artillery utilized throughout the war.

Through this activity, students learned about war strategy, tactics and weapons that were used during this time. This experience really brought trench warfare to life for these students. To see a video of the class activity, click here.