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New Hyde Park Honors Great Gladiators

New Hyde Park Memorial recently celebrated its Great Gladiators for the month of January. These seventh- and eighth-grade students were recognized for doing good deeds or showing kindness. They enjoyed a pizza lunch with Principal Dr. Richard Faccio. Congratulations to the following students:

Grade 7

Kanav Dani is a wonderful combination of humility and confidence. He participates regularly and helps his classmates. His 98 average is the top in his class period. He is a model student and a pleasure to have in class.

Fred Han always comes with extra pens so that students who do not have a pen or pencil will be able to borrow one from him. The students call him “Staples.”

Olivia Tomalska found $32 in the girls locker room, made sure that other students did not take the money and returned it to the gym.

Grade 8

Izhaan Ahmed is one of the most genuine, modest and thoughtful individuals. He is always willing to help a student in need without direction from a teacher. Izhaan also assists Ms. Katz with the “Water for Sudan” recycling.

Anna Detke helped console another student who was distraught about her performance on a midterm.

Emily McKenna is a dream student. She works very hard to achieve any and every goal she sets for herself. If she feels she needs extra help in a given area, she seeks assistance and applies any strategies she is taught. Emily cares about her classmates and teachers. She firmly believes everyone should be treated fairly, and she stands up for students who are bullied. Emily can hold her own and will not let anyone mistreat another. To her credit, she is wise beyond her years and will explain to those who are not behaving appropriately how they should reconsider how they are acting because it makes others feel badly about themselves. She is a role model and advocate for herself and others. Emily participates in school sports and the Drama Club. She is really the type of person that every teacher wants their student to be: hardworking, motivated and of exceptional character. I know that many teachers, including Mary Ferrara and Lisa Bocchino, are all in agreement that she is one exceptional girl.