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Sewanhaka Students Choose Kindness

Students at Sewanhaka High School pledged to be kind when the school participated in Beyond Differences’ Call It Out Day on April 27.

The high schoolers took a stand against negative online behavior as they brought awareness to the issue of digital gossip and online social isolation. During the school’s lunch periods, a dozen students spoke to classmates and asked them to pledge to be authentically themselves online. Students then added their pledges to murals of the sun located in both of the school’s cafeterias.

Teacher Allison Filippone organized the event and said it was important for students to understand that the conversations they have online don’t end there.

“We really want them to be mindful of who they are,” Ms. Filippone continued.

Prior to the event, students learned how to spot social isolation in online environments, how to respond to digital gossip and were encouraged to think about whether their online behaviors match the positive characteristics of their real-life personality.