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Sewanhaka Language Students Get Published

Eight talented students from Mrs. Anna LaGallo’s Italian Level 4 class at Sewanhaka High School had their literature displayed in the Il Giornalino journal, organized by Joseph Grosso of Queens College’s Italian American Institute. The annual Italian journal includes various pieces of literature compiled from the works of high school and college students in Italian classes.

The journal highlights the writing ability and creativity of students submitting works of at most 1,000 words in the beautiful Romance language of Italian. Students wrote short poems and stories. Samantha Herrera and Ashley Cattle both wrote about love, and Flo Hunte wrote a lengthy poem that conveyed feelings toward various situations one could be in. Gabriella Gennarelli wrote a panegyric piece for a friend, while Iverson Isenia wrote a delightful tribute to his mother. A short autobiography written by Marianna Bevilacqua stood out from the many poems. The anthology also featured Dumas Buffa’s, Dillin Tucker’s and Demi Ishmael’s ambivalent and ardent creations. Congratulations to the Sewanhaka students for a job well done!