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Carey Sophomore Named November Character

Congratulations to H. Frank Carey sophomore Brandon Szeles for being recognized as the November Carey Character Award recipient.

Brandon has been volunteering in the school library for the past two years during his lunch period. He is a warm, welcoming presence. He is always willing to help the library staff with any task – no matter how big or how small. This year, seeing the overwhelming need, Brandon has made himself available to assist his peers, providing iPad support. In doing so, he has shown initiative, leadership and concern for his fellow students. He spends his time troubleshooting and instructing the students in a calm and organized manner. He guides them to ensure success. Even more impressive is that Brandon is always kind. Whether a student is having a bad day or just needs some words of encouragement, he is always willing to lend a sympathetic ear.

Brandon, in his humble and thoughtful manner, has proven to be a valuable asset to the library, the school and students. He is truly an example of what the Carey community represents.